On the following page you will find links that connect to my Videos on my Youtube Channel.  Play through these to see exactly what my intentions are and what I will build with this first round of financing.

If we only grew Bulk 5000 Pounds and sold it to a Major Supermarket Chain for them to package  in their Own Container with their Own Label

the Monthly income would be $32,000.

        This is my attempt to try and explain what it is I have to offer.  I seek funding to set up my first Hydro-Unit Location.

     Imagine a 75 foot Trailer Structure that can produce 5000 pounds of Sprouted Food Every Week .

     These 5000 pounds of Sprouts will be marketed in Bulk and in Pint Containers, in Salads, Sandwiches and Packaged Products, will be Dried and Crushed and turned into Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and will be added to our menu of items served in Restaurants and in Our Cafe.